Ad-hoc News

Sep 2016
SEM got a proposal to establish a maintenance hangar as a subsidiary in West Africa and is actually evaluating the opportunity.

Jul 2016
On 28 July, the General Meeting approved the Balance Sheet 2015
Mar 2016
Completion of the new plans in addition to partial planning of details.
Nov 2015
Review of construction plans followed by a contract for the complete renovation and optimization of the construction plans.
Oct 2015
Contract with LCG to review our business plan.
Jul 2015
Review of plans and start of execution plans
Jun 2015
Official presentation of our project to the local public administrations, with great response and interest. Submission of applications for funding.
Feb 2015
Revision of the entire business plan with new market requirements in mind.
Nov 2014
First contacts and negotiations with the national funding body.
Oct 2014
A major German bank and an American investor express their interest and willingness in participating in the project.
Jun 2013
A new study of financial markets allow the resumption of research and negotiations with investors for the realization of the project.

2010 - 2012             Years of interruption of all development workbecause of

                                 the world’s ongoing problems in the financlal markets

                                 and realignment thereof.



Jun 2009
The development activities are interrupted due to the ever increasing negative news on the financial market.
Dec 2008
The outbreak of the global financial crisis, some investors pull back.
Jul 2008
Extraordinary assembly on 30th June 2008: Capital increase resolution up to Euro 35,0 mio within december 2011.
Jun 2008
The paid in Capital has been increased from 2,3 Mio. to 3,0 Mio. Around June/July 2008 we are anticipating to agree for another Capital increase.
Feb 2008
Implementation of the new supervisory board.
Dec 2007
Last neccessary lot has been secured as needed for the extention of construction of the Hangar.
Aug 2006
Negotiations have commenced with institutional investors.
May 2006
A new team of international architects has been formed.
Feb 2006
SEM signed a contract with german Company GENERATION PLANNERS, who will assist SEM in the capitalization process.
Sep 2005
SEM is preparing the capitalization process.
Apr 2005
SEM is in negotiations with Lufthansa Consulting, Frankfurt considerin them as a prime consultancy firm for this project.
Nov 2004
SEM is going to evaluate a new project. It is an aviation logistics center in South-East Europe.
Oct 2004
SEM is evaluating a new project in Ukraine re the modernization and extension of an airport and aviation infrastructure.

May 2004                   SEM is established as a stock company and the share

                                   capital has been authorized up to 3,9 Million Euro and has

                                   been paid up to 2.3 Million Euro.



Nov 2000
SEM Srl was established as a Limited Company (Ltd) by italian law.



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