Airbus A 380


The Airbus A380 is one of the largest passenger planes in the world, with room for 600 persons on two levels. The Airbus A 380 sets new technological standards for environmental protection and noise levels. However, little has been invested in maintenance concepts for the Airbus A 380. The Airbus A 380 is too large for normal maintenance hangars and only a few airports have made the necessary structural changes for servicing the huge aircraft according to regulations. The big challenge for the future will be to obtain servicing facilities for the Airbus A 380. 



Airbus A 380 maintenance

SEM Spa offers sufficient space to service the Airbus A 380 competently and to make repairs. In Crotone, Italy, SEM Spa combines aircraft maintenance with a complete service offer. A 40,000 square meter hangar is being built for servicing wide-body aircraft. This hangar has room to service 6 Airbus A 380s at the same time. The former NATO airport has optimal conditions, both geographic and climatic. Since Airbus is already working on orders for the A 380 for the coming years, SEM Spa is well prepared for the future.





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